Happy New Year, friends!

What better way to celebrate than with a brand new block of programming?!  Keep on reading b below to learn more about where we are headed over the next 4 weeks!

*Remember:  Week 4 we retest 1 rep max snatch and 1 rep max clean and jerk!

Week 1 Day 1, Week 2 Day 6, Week 3 Day 5, Week 4 Day 4
SKILL:  Reaction
STRENGTH:  Power, Maximal

We kick off this session with a little game of “Get to the Ball First”.  A partner drill, you’ll be tasked with having to respond to auditory stimuli with work on hand eye coordination as well.  For this day’s Strength work, clients will begin with clean and jerks followed by some lower volume higher intensity back squats.  This day’s ESD will be on the shorter side and be performed at a moderate intensity.

Week 1 Day 2, Week 2 Day 1, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
SKILL:  Balance
STRENGTH:  Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

Whether it is kicking to a handstand or performing handstand walking, clients will head upside down for some balance work in today’s Skill work.  Rotational power work with the slam balls will be superset with the handstand work.  The session’s Strength moves back to the barbell (snatch complexes) and some calisthenics (pull-ups).  This session will feature the week’s longest conditioning effort.

Week 1 Day 3, Week 2 Day 2, Week 3 Day 1, Week 4 Day 6
SKILL:  Agility
STRENGTH:  Speed, Maximal
ESD:  Alactic

Moving explosively and moving with coordination will be the focus of today’s Skill work.  Plyometrics and an MMA inspired trip down the agility ladder will greet clients.  As in all day’s that have an Alactic theme to the ESD, the ESD will feature prowler sprints and follow the Skill work.  The day’s Strength work will conclude today’s session:  clients will find some focused core, squat, and vertical pressing work.

Week 1 Day 4, Week 2 Day 3, Week 3 Day 6, Week 4 Day 5
SKILL:  Reaction
STRENGTH: Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
ESD:  Aerobic

Nothing like the thrill of the chase!  Testing some sprint reaction, eye tracking, and coordinative efforts in today’s Skill work.  Superset with the aforementioned drill, clients will also target some rotational power work, too.  The day’s Strength work features a clean and jerk complex as well as some pull-ups.  Today’s ESD will be moderate duration and intensity work.

Week 1 Day 5, Week 2 Day 4, Week 3 Day 2, Week 4 Day 1
SKILL:  None
STRENGTH:  Power, Maximal
ESD: Glycolytic

No skill work today to focus on the day’s ESD.  The session will kick off with a heavy clean and jerk complex followed by some “double bounce” front squats.  Great tool to help clients learn how to stand up a heavy clean.  Today’s ESD will be the hardest and nastiest day of the week.  Purposefully challenging.

Week 1 Day 6, Week 2 Day 5, Week 3 Day 4, Week 4 Day 3
SKILL:  Balance
STRENGTH:  Speed, Speed Strength, Maximal
ESD: Aerobic

Single leg pause hops in varying directions superset with rotational power work kicks off this day’s Skill work.  For the Strength, clients will work on some single leg deadlifts, strict ring dips, and chin-ups.  The ESD will be a moderately paced moderate duration effort.