In the picture above, you’ll find new Steelworks Strength Systems’ client, Michelle V.

She’s front squatting 75 pounds, 5 times, a new Personal Record!

What you don’t see in this picture is her reaction to doing something she has never done before.

You don’t see the excitement. You don’t see the glowing sense of accomplishment.  You don’t see the growing confidence.

Michelle came to us a bit leery of gyms, choosing instead to manage her weight and health through some daily doses of running.

Two fears had kept her out of the gym for years:  she didn’t want to get bulky and she didn’t want people to judge her.

After some coaxing by her boyfriend (a current Steelworks client), she enrolled in our Foundations course.

She learned how to squat properly.  She learned the importance of keeping a rigid core when pressing things over her head.  She learned how to move athletically.  In short, she learned to move like she was made to.

When she entered group classes, she was happy to see how welcoming everyone was.  No one judged her on how much she could lift.  It seemed that there were people of all different ability levels and that everyone was supportive of everyone.  Workouts were challenging, but appropriate and scalable to her current fitness levels and goals.  The coaching was encouraging and attentive.

After nearly a month and a half, Michelle is on her way towards discovering a greater sense of fitness and health.

While there’s a lot of hard work left to be done, I think Michelle would agree that it is good to be strong.

Being strong is not about bulging muscles or even performing amazing feats of athleticism.

It’s about doing something today that you thought you couldn’t do yesterday.

Being strong is the collaboration between heart and mind to forge something greater in the physical realm.   The great thing about this amazing product is that it isn’t determined by what other people can do or how other people think about you.

Being strong is all about YOU.  It’s what YOU can do.

Being strong means more energy.

Being strong means more muscle and less fat.

Being strong means more confidence.

Being strong means independence.

Being strong is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

If you are looking for a gym that is fun, encouraging, and results-driven, Steelworks Strength Systems is your gym!  Our time tested programming and superior coaching will help you become the strongest version of yourself!

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