Injuries are Opportunities.

About two weeks ago on a run through some trails, I sprained my left ankle pretty bad.

As a result, the freedom to do whatever I want in the gym has been curtailed.  Full snatches, cleans, jerks, and squats are just not possible now.

But that doesn’t mean that training stops.   Look to nature for some clues.  An injured animal just doesn’t stop moving until it’s completely healed.  If it did that, it would starve or be eaten.  It figures out new movement patterns as best as it can to accommodate the unfortunate event.

In fact, choosing the right movements during our injury can significantly cut down on the time we are injured.

Multi-joint, compound movements release loads of regenerative anabolic hormones (human growth hormone, testosterone, insulin, etc…) which help speed recovery. Try and include at least one of these movements in your training program per day that doesn’t push your injury past a perceived pain level of 7 out of 10.  In today’s session, I chose barbell hip thrusts.  This movement primarily targets the glute max, but also activates the quads and lower back, key movers in squatting.

Try to include movements that also work similar movement patterns but with smaller ranges of motion.  Backward sled drags are great at working unilateral (single limb) leg extension.  While not exactly a squat pattern, the pushing through the legs keeps the quads working with reduced load and not as much ankle dorsiflexion.

If your legs are hurt, you still have arms!  I chose pendlay rows and single arm inclined dumbbell bench presses to keep the upper body and back active.  The pendlay rows work in the lower back in conjunction with the upper back and the single arm bench presses keep the time under tension high for an extra metabolic boost!

Transform the way you view injuries.  See them as opportunities to explore new patterns of movement and express some creativity with your programming.  With the right combination of movement, patience, and discipline, you’ll be back to doing what you love in no time!

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