Are you a serious athlete who is looking to take your performance to the next level?

Do you want a workout program that is tailor-made to address your own individual weaknesses and needs?

Steelworks Strength Systems is proud to offer Individualized Programming to athletes looking to break through plateaus and crush their competition, regardless of their given sport.

How It Works

The gold standard of our programming starts with The Assessment. You work one-on-one with Steelworks Strength Systems owner, Brian Terpak, in order to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement in YOUR fitness.

The Assessment is broken up into the three stages:

  • Body Composition and Nutrition Analysis.
  • Muscle Testing.
  • Movement Pattern Investigation

Body Composition and Nutrition Analysis

Exercise is an important aspect of a long and healthy life, but in all actuality ranks lower in importance compared to establishing sound nutrition habits.

The Body Composition and Nutrition Analysis starts with our Summation Scoring System, whereby we use high quality calipers and take skin fold data in ten key body areas. By investigating this, we can determine what improvements in stress management, nutrition, and/or fitness prescriptions need to occur.

Clients then learn more effective principles of nutrition such as food hygiene, adequate hydration, the importance of protein on fat loss and lean muscle mass growth, and calculating macronutrient combinations.

Muscle Testing

We are not born symmetrically. We do not use all of our muscles equally. We develop strength imbalances because of this. Muscle Testing allows both the coach and client to identify muscles that are not firing properly in relation to other muscles. Why does this matter? Frequent training with muscles that do not fire in sequence can lead to strength imbalances and more importantly injury. After discovering the muscles which are not firing sequentially, we prescribe a series of exercises reteach the brain how to correctly fire the muscles in the affected area.

Movement Pattern Investigation

How efficiently do you push, pull, squat, bend, or jump? Building off of Muscle Testing, the coach and client run through a battery of movement assessments to determine areas of imbalance and relative weakness.   Clients also learn all of the major foundational movements in the Foundations Course here as well.


After thoroughly assessing nutrition/lifestyle issues, movement patterns, and energy systems we then design a program based on YOUR needs.

Every day you will train within a scheduled group class and do YOUR workout under the supervision of a Steelworks Strength Systems staff member.

If you are looking to achieve new heights in your fitness or health, the Individualized Programming track is what YOU need!

Email [email protected] to schedule your FREE consultation and get started on your Individualized Program today!