Steelworks Strength Systems Individualized Programming client, Daniel Perez is seen here crushing the last 10 of his 100 Burpee test!

Four weeks ago, Daniel started his Individualized Program and registered 11:29 for 100 burpees.

Over this period of time, we have done only cyclical cardio on the Airbike, but loads of snatches, cleans, squats, pullups, pushps, weighted carries, and a host of other unilateral arm and leg work.  We have also refined better breathing patterns.

All of his weight training has included  with varying tempos that have helped Daniel learn better position during specific lifts.  As a result, he has loads of strong and efficient muscles that move with much more power, yet consume less oxygen.

His new 100 Burpee Test time yesterday was 9:05.  Big congratulations, Dan!

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