Is your training program working towards YOUR goals or is it just a mish mash of random workouts?

Sometimes the simplest movements are exactly what we need especially when just starting off on our fitness journey!

Aimee is one of our Individualized Programming clients who came to us with the goal of getting stronger. Period.

Her assessment revealed large amounts of mobility in almost every movement pattern, but she lacked body awareness and stability.

For the last three weeks Aimee has become aware of how to generate core tension/bracing, learned proper hip hinge and squat mechanics, and most importantly has started to change her nutritional habits outside of the gym.

What makes me so pumped about this video is that three weeks ago, she was barely able to perform a set of 10 goblet squats with a 12 kilogram kettlebell. Today she crushed 24 kg for 2 sets of 10. (Here was her last set but my phone decided to stop working for the last two reps). Today, she also graduated to the trap bar for her deadlifting; the last three weeks we’ve been using a kettlebell with slow tempos.

No bells and whistles. Just lots of good old fashioned work again and again and again…

Great work today, Aimee! You’ve come so far! Really excited to see what’s in store for the future!

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