Really excited to be working with Clement Hsu as we prepare him to get back into competitive rowing.


As an Individualized Programming client, Clement has some serious and focused goals. At 26, he has his eyes set on making a run at qualifying for some national level crews by 2020.

Clement had suffered an overuse injury to his left shoulder two years ago, which required surgery to remove a bone spur.  Using Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), we investigated his shoulder and sure enough there were some relational compensations that were present.  We saw that the left quadratus lumborum was facilitated and the left psoas was inhibited, the left pec minor was  inhibited and the left rhomboid was facilitated, and finally the left pec minor was facilitated and the right psoas was inhibited.

After 30 minutes of investigation and manipulation, we were able to get all of his muscles firing strong.  I gave Clement some drills to both release and activate his problematic areas each day, two times a day as a part of his training/continued rehab.

Upon further investigation during his assessment, we discovered that Clement has:

  • limited internal rotation of the left shoulder
  • limited left hip extension.
  • poor upper body horizontal pushing capacity.
  • poor core endurance in both sagittal and frontal planes.
  • weaker left scapula retraction relative to the right.

In light of these initial findings, for the next 3 months we will be focusing on achieving the following goals:

  • Increasing range of motion and stability in the shoulders.
  • Ironing out leg strength imbalances.
  • Improving core endurance.
  • Improving upper body horizontal pushing capacity.

To achieve these initial goals, we will be focusing on less technically demanding compound lifts such as turkish getups, romanian deadlifts, ring dips, and weighted carries.  The program will also pay close attention to strengthening the smaller shoulder and hip stabilizers through isolation movements such as powell raises,  as well as crawling variations.

The program will be less intense but accumulate more volume during this first block of training.  Stay tuned here and follow Clement’s progress during his first block of training!

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