If you are having problems with getting into comfortable pulling or squatting positions, one area to look at is your ankle mobility.

Here’s a quick little mobility and integration piece I like to use when addressing ankle mobility problems.  Start first with the fascia in the calf.  You can foam roll the calf, but using the more pointed edge of your shin to “saw” out that sticky fascia seems to be a bit more effective.  30 seconds on each leg.

Next, take a barbell and place it just above and on your knees in the bottom of the squat.  Gently rock back and forth, side to side, exploring deeper ranges of motion.  Spend about a minute in that position if possible.

Finally, integrate the mobility pieces with some movement patterning.  A slow tempo goblet squat is a great way to tie it all together.  10 reps.  3 seconds on the way up and down.

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