Train long enough here at Steelworks Strength Systems and improvements are sure to follow.

While you might be training to lose some weight, boost some energy, or lift heavier, sometimes you’ll also get some unexpected results!

Take Alexis.  She’s been stacking great workout on top of great workout, getting stronger and feeling amazing.  One side effect of her becoming stronger?

Her mobility improved: she could touch the floor from a standing position without bending her knees, something she could never do before joining Steelworks!

You see, muscles that are stronger convince the brain to allow joints to move through greater ranges of motion.

Sometimes the muscle itself isn’t inflexible, but rather it’s the brain sensing danger; it believes a muscle isn’t strong enough to protect a joint in a specific range of motion. So what does the brain do? It restricts motion to safe ranges.

More strength means more safety. The brain grants mobility to muscles it knows can protect the body’s joints.

So if you want to achieve this simple goal of improving your flexibility and mobility, stop spending hours stretching and more time getting stronger!

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