Recently, we introduced vertical pressing to our Fitness program.  A lot goes into pressing a weight over head.  Not only do you need a good amount of stability in the scapula and core, but you also must possess a certain amount of mobility in your your thoracic alone and shoulders.

As we continue to explore barbell overhead pressing movements, we are also learning new mobility drills to help develop better range of motion.

Got this drill from the awesome folks over at @cresseysportsperfoemance.

We like this drill because it opens up the pecs, thoracic spine, and triceps, all key areas to mobilize for overhead pressing.  Do 5-8 cycles of the drill.

Push presses have been the overhead barbell movement we’ve been working on over the last three weeks.  Not only is this a great pressing movement, it also is a strong coordination piece; it teaches the athlete how to use his or her legs in the correct sequence with the arms.  Getting the legs involved also allows more weight to be lifted as well.

Here’s Alene Y. showing us how it’s done!  Great job, girl!

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