Before we can run, we must learn to walk.

Before we can jump, we must learn to drop.

Steelworks Individualized Programming client, Daniel P, is not only preparing for the summer volleyball season and miles of running, but he is also coming back from an ACL injury.

After weeks of rehab, he’s been  slowly rebuilding here at Steelworks.  Box drops and various jumping drills are a staple in his comeback.

ACL injuries are common amongst athletes who play sports that demand rapid changes of direction.  An important part of changing direction and acceleration is learning how to SLOW DOWN and absorb force.

Jumping and sprinting load the body with incredibly large amounts of force that can’t be replicated through lifting weights.   But if your sport requires just those types of movements, how can you safely but effectively rebuild your body?  Break the movement down into component parts and focus on the necessary skills that will create a bridge to the next level of athleticism.

For Daniel the box drop teaches the first step in sprinting and jumping: how to absorb force effectively.  By learning this skill, Daniel will build more durability and reactivity in his tendons, which will then allow him to redirect that force more safely into running and jumping.


Do you have a specific athletic or lifestyle goal?  Whether you are looking to improve your prowess on the field of play or finally fitting into that bathing suit you’ve always wanted, Steelworks Individualized Programming is the answer!  Why waste time doing a workout that doesn’t address your unique needs?

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