Seeing results like this gets me fired up!!!!!!

Recent retest of one Steelworks Individualized Programming client’s Summation Scoring System showing some really great progress!!!

This assessment measures body composition in key areas. While not a body fat analysis, per se, we can make strong connections between lifestyle habits and current fitness levels.

For instance a low tricep and pec score compared to a high umbilical and illiac scores most often correlates to chronically elevated cortisol levels which may be a result of high stress or poor stress management.

Every training program needs to start with some form of assessment. 

In our Individualized Program offering our clients start with a week and a half long assessment that examines:

1. Body Composition
2. Nutrition Habits
3. Neuromuscular Compensations
4. Movement Analysis
5. Energy System Capacity

From these key areas we create a program custom to your needs.

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