“Hey, you. Remember me? I’m that little voice in your head.

You know, the voice that is always happy to remind you that no matter how hard you try to succeed, I will always try harder to convince you that you aren’t good enough.

I can’t tell you how much I love controlling your life. I love convincing you that aren’t capable, that you aren’t brave, that you aren’t special. I love telling you that you suck.

Every year, you try and try and try….you try to reclaim a lost state of health and happiness. And every year, as quickly as you start, you quickly give up.

Ahhhh….the sweet taste of failure. It’s ok. At least you have me, your little voice. I’m all that matters.

That’s why I am telling you that the idea you have floating around in your head about joining Steelworks Strength Systems is a great one! One more thing for you to fail at, right?….

What’s that? You think this time is different? You think that you can actually find success there? Come on….

So what if every new client gets a FREE consultation before they join? What good could happen if all of the coaches know your respective weaknesses and hoped for goals?

I….I still don’t think it will work. Even if you get past the consultation and you start training, you will get hurt! Remember that one time you messed up your knee when you were at the gym doing those squats? You were out for a few weeks!

Oh….they teach you how to correctly perform simple and complex movements likes squats and snatches in a week long introductory course? They also do free muscle assessments and nutrition counseling? Errr…still doesn’t matter. I bet you the coaches aren’t very well trained…

Wait, the coaching staff possesses a vast array of quality certifications from HQ, OPEX, United States Weightlifting, and the National Strength Coaches Association.

Uhh…..you are…you are going to get really bulky. I read that lifting heavy weights makes you bulky. You don’t want to get super huge, do you?


So what if she looks healthy and vibrant? There’s no way you could do the same thing… You should stay away from that gym!”

Folks, it is time to stop letting the little voice in your head prevent you from achieving the life you have always wanted to live! Whether your goal is to lose a couple of pounds or rediscover the athlete within yourself, our programs will help achieve the results you have always wanted!

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