How We Train

Programming for Every

Age, ability, or goal

Everyone deserves a body that is strong, mobile, and durable.

That’s why our programming is carefully designed to challenge you safely across a broad range of movements and intensities.

We develop athletic skills (Balance, Agility, and Reaction) through focused games and drills, improve lean muscle mass and power by lifting barbells, throwing medicine balls, and performing calisthenics, and optimize your body’s cardiovascular endurance and fat burning through carefully structured energy system training.

Dynamic warmup

Given the complex nature of our training, we make sure our clients are properly prepared for each class. Practice efficient breathing kicks off each class followed by a series dynamic stretches.


Clients focus on improving balance, reaction (to auditory, visual, or kinesthetic cues), and agility. We value the development of these skills to ensure that our clients have better control of their bodies in more dynamic settings.


Everything from unloaded jump training (plyometrics), speed strength work (medicine balls and kettlebells), power generation (olympic weightlifting), or maximal strength (heavy squats, deadlifts, weighted gymnastics movements) will be found in this section of the day’s training. We train across many intensities and loading patterns to develop more balanced strength expressions. Our clients are not only capable of lifting heavy weights, but they are capable of moving lighter weights explosively. Our clients build lots of lean muscle, but they are also mobile, too.


Our carefully designed conditioning efforts build your body’s engine and boost your energy levels. By manipulating training intensities and exercise selection, our clients are able to boost cardiovascular endurance without sacrificing gains of strength and lean muscle mass. Some days are longer duration (20+ minutes), paced, and continuous efforts. Other days are full-go, max-effort sessions (10 sec of work with lots of recovery between intervals….and every once and a while we go to the “pain cave”…