Get excited:  the Broad Street Run kicks off here in Philadelphia this Sunday April 30 at 8:00 am.

If you’ve been training hard over the last couple of months, ensure your training doesn’t get spoiled by poor race day planning.

Here are some simple but super important tips for prior to race day, racing strategy, and post race.

2 Days Out….

  1. Stay fully hydrated.
    1. Ensure you are getting at least half of your bodyweight in ounces in good old H20!  This will ensure your muscles, joints, and other soft tissues stay supple and relaxed and all essential systems (immune, circulatory, hormonal) are functioning efficiently.
  2. Sleep routine stays consistent.
    1. If you normally sleep 6 hours a night, now is not the time to sleep 9 hours a night to extra rest.  That extra rest will make you more sluggish.  Conversely, if you normally get 8 hours of sleep make sure you are not making choices that net you 6 hours of sleep a night.
  3. Consume meals dense in carbohydrate.
    1. For longer events like marathons or triathlons, effective carb loading occurs 1-2 WEEKS out.  Given that this race is much shorter, topping off your carbohydrate stores with meals full of dense, low glycemic index carbs  like grains (oats, rice, corn) and starches (potatoes, sweet potatoes) a few days out will help boost performance.

1 Day Out…

  1. Go for an easy jog, 30-45 minutes.
    1. This will burn off any excess nervous energy, help keep you loose, and remind your brain and muscles how to work together.  Many times a complete rest day prior to a big race will leave you feeling sluggish and flat.  Stay fresh and keep that pre race day shake out run in the schedule.
  2. Consume meals that are familiar, enjoyable, and easily digestible.
    1. The last thing you want on race day is to be visiting the porta-potty 5 minutes before the race starts because you decided to try this new recipe that was “nutritious”.
    2. You know which foods make you feel strong.  Now isn’t the time to add anything exotic to the menu!
  3. Ensure you know how you are getting to the start line and how long it will take to get there.
    1. This is a no-brainer, but don’t wait until race day to find out how to get to the start line on time.
  4. Lay out your shoes and clothes you’ll be sporting on race day before you go to bed.
    1. Remove one more step from race day so you can spend time eating or relaxing before you head out over to the starting line.

Race Day…

  1. Race start time is 8:00 am.
    1. Wake up early enough so you don’t rush to get to start line.
  2. Stick to your normal warmup routine for races.
    1. If this is your first Broad Street, 5 minutes of EASY jogging followed by some light stretches, preferrably dynamic in nature, but if you haven’t been doing that in your training, do NOT start doing it now!
    2. Keep things as routinized as possible.


  1. Be patient at the start and ease into the race.
    1. Adrenaline and excitment will be high. Don’t let the thrill of the start sap your energy for later in the race.
  2. Negative pacing strategy is ideal.
    1. Shoot to keep the first 5 miles at a consistent pace and then start increasing your pace gradually over each mile of the race.

Post Race…

  1. Congrats! You made it!
  2. Cooldown with an easy 5 minute jog/walk followed by some light static stretching.
    1. This will help you not be as sore days after the race.
  3. Grab a beer (or non-alcholic beverage) and celebrate with friends.
  4. Take a day or two of full recovery; no running.
    1. Go for an easy 30-60 minute hike in the Wissahickon or other spot rich in nature.


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