photo 5


Magic just needs to get those shoulders back a bit and he’s got a great clean pull there, folks!

Competitor strength work part B: 3 clean pulls. x5  Rest 1 minute.  As heavy as possible while maintaining proper timing!

To execute a sharp clean pull, we encourage the following cadence starting from the floor: back, back, scoop, up. As the bar breaks from the floor, (just as in a reg. clean) the knees are pushed back, the bar begins to swoop in close, and the weight gradually shifts back towards the heel. We actively teach the athlete to scoop or rebend the knees back under the bar as the weight reaches the power position. This enables the athlete to effectively utilize the quads in concert with the hips. Once here, we cue the athlete to explode UP as hard as possible. This puts more vertical force into the bar and allows you more time to get under the bar. Remember, the higher the bar gets translates into more time for you to get under that bar!! Finish tall!