You see peanut butter and apples.

I see the beginnings of monumental change.

Achieving your fitness goals require slow, incremental habit adjustments. That’s what we preach in all of our programs here at Steelworks Strength Systems.

It’s a simple philosophy.  A real straightforward, no nonsense approach towards transforming your life.

So when I reached out to remind Matt D, a student in our Six Week Intro Program, to crush his snacks, I was super pumped to see this photo.

Matt’s ultimate goal is to lose some excess body fat and start stacking some lean muscle on his frame, but some poor snacking habits were derailing his journey.

Instead of figuring out his macros or instituting some complex nutrient timing scheme, we shot for some easy wins that could be consistently had. After some digging during our initial Nutrition Consult, Matt decided that it was his snacks at work that were the biggest thing holding him back that could be easily addressed.

So instead of a handful of jelly beans, we came up with snacks that would satisfy those sweet cravings and help him feel fuller. Apples and peanut butter was one of the many healthier options we came up with together.

Remember, when trying to make improvements to your health and fitness that will be sustainable, start with some really easy tasks. Following crazy diet templates and making drastic changes to your workout routine may produce some results in the short term. However, if underlying healthy habits of success are not in place, it will be difficult to maintain what you have achieved.

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