Do you play basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that involves jumping or a quick change of direction?

Dynamic single leg work, like a dumbbell split snatch, is important for you.

You see, sports that involve quick cuts, jumps, and accelerations demand athletes who can not only produce a lot of force, but can also absorb that force i.e.  decelerate, just as quickly.  Add into the fact that we don’t always stop with both feet firmly planted on the ground and the case for dynamic single leg work becomes obvious.

While running, jumping, and cutting drills are essential components to include in your training, if you don’t have the strength in reserve to support those activities, injury might be right around the corner.

We like the dumbbell split snatch for a number of reasons.  It’s a contralateral movement and so balancing the load overhead with opposing legs and arms improves coordination.  The bending movement pattern develops glutes, hamstrings and lower back.  Catching the load overhead improves dynamic stability in the shoulders, independent from each other.  Finally, the split style exposes the lead catch leg to higher eccentric loads as it must work to slow the body down after receiving and stabilizing the dumbbell.

Here’s Melvin P. demonstrating for us!!  Great work, dude!

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