The ability to absorb and redirect force, is important in two realms: your sport requires incredibly fast changes of direction or you simply want to inoculate your body against the chance of traumatic injuries from slip and falls.

Developing tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia) STIFFNESS is the biggest contributor to either of the above goals.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed how lifting heavy weights alone cannot teach the body how to generate the requisite stiffness to improve speed and agility tasks on the athletic field or injury prevention in everyday life.

We utilize a variety of plyometrics (jump training) in our programming at Steelworks Strength Systems. One entry-level “reactive strength” movement is the depth drop.

The goal is to step off the box and land quickly and stiffly, generating tension through the legs and core.

By teaching the body how to absorb force from a drop, this lays the groundwork for improving your ability to then reapply that force in a different direction.

Given the high demand on the nervous system, great care must be taken when programming reps, sets, and rest. We normally do not exceed 4 sets of 6 reps and rest 90 seconds between sets at the minimum.
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