Thanks to all of the amazing people who helped make our Grand (Re)Opening such a wonderfully successful event!

Special thanks to Ryan Pollack and Rybrew Cafe for the delicious sandwiches!!!

Here’s to years of great workouts, great coaching, and great efforts in continuing to build something really special!!!

Strength Session

Option 1
Take 12 minutes to find max for the following complex:
snatch pull + snatch + 2 overhead squats + hang snatch

Option 2
Take 12 minutes to practice sumo deadlifts.
Sets of 5 with 3131 tempo.

Conditioning Session

In 6 minutes

30 burpees

Accumulate 90 seconds of standing goblet hold (32/24 kg)

Max effort unbroken thrusters (115/85) / New lifters:  max effort unbroken goblet squats.

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