Greetings, friends!

I am proud to announce a FREE fitness seminar, Fitness Over 50, on Saturday, February 20, 10 am -12 pm.

This is a specialty seminar that address the unique fitness needs of individuals in their 50s and beyond. The seminar will feature topics ranging from, but not limited to:

1. Better sleep, healthier life: the importance of sleep on longevity.
2. It’s not just about the calories: examining the hierarchy of nutritional needs.
3. Get off the treadmill. Lift heavy things: why heavy lifting is essential for an aging population.
4. Doing cardio right: why high intensity training isn’t always the right answer.

This seminar will be limited to 30 27 participants. We will conclude the seminar with a short, fun, and safe workout! Please fill out the form below for more information and/or to sign up for this exciting FREE program.



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