Force eccentrics, also known as negative pull-ups in crossfit workouts, have tremendous benefit in improving overall capacity in an athlete, especially for those athletes working to get their first strict pull-up.

Instead of performing the full pull-up, Samantha starts with her chin over the bar and slowly lowers herself back to the start position of a normal pull-up.

Why are forced eccentrics so important? According to Verkhoshansky and Siff in their fantastic analysis of athletic training titled, Supertraining, “muscle tension of 30-40% greater than concentric or isometric contraction can be produced by maximal eccentric muscle contraction…” (See page 52, Supertraining, sixth edition, 2009)

Forcing the muscle into producing greater tension for longer periods of time than it could through the actual full range of movement produces a whole host of hormonal and neurological changes that will carry over to the full range of movement. In other words your pull-ups will get stronger and before you know it, you will be doing strict pull-ups during your crossfit workout. For many people, performing a strict pull-up on their own is a goal in their crossfit training so being able to achieve this is a huge accomplishment.

Is this the magic bullet to get that first strict pullup? No, but this is one of the most essential training tools that is sure to help!

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