Your crappy positions at work are killing your performance.

Your melon is a pretty heavy object and when it sits in front of your center of mass, you incur lots of stress on your cervical spine. With plenty of time you will eventually turn into Quasimodo.

Fix that junk NOW!

When done correctly, pushups are a great method of fixing poor neck position. What happens, however, when the same slop shows up in your pushups?

A good cue I like to use is “show me a sexy double chin”. The head retracts and the chin becomes more tucked. If you can hold that position, you will be in neutral and save your neck from lots of physical therapy down the road.

If body awareness is a problem and no verbal cue seems to work, grab a PVC pipe.

Assume your push-up position and have a buddy place it running down your back. Keep your hips, upper back, and head IN CONTACT with the PVC during the descent and ascent.

So far we have had a lot of luck with this kinesthetic cue. Note that it will require more effort at first, but take the time to do this simple thing right and the more complex movements will be grounded in good core development.

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