Time isn’t your enemy. It’s your greatest teacher. Slow down.

A common fault in lots of new lifters is not being able to feel proper positions as they lift. The ideas of knees back, bar back, tight back are so foreign that to complicate complex movements with speed is problematic.

In today’s Movement Improvement class, we took some advice from Father Time and spent some extra seconds learning how to FEEL positions.

The exercise was simple: perform a snatch deadlift with a 10 second ascent and a 10 second descent. We did about 4-6 sets, enough to get the feel of the knees going back, the bar swooping back, the shoulders staying over the bar, and transitioning effectively to the power position.

Speed is important to successful lifting, but if you don’t understand the correct positions you should be hitting along the way, your speed will not be properly utilized.

Do you live in Philly and struggle with weightlifting??? Come to our Movement Improvement class every Sunday at 10 am and start solving those perplexing riddles of the Steel. Drop ins with weightlifting experience welcome!!! Thanks to Andi for helping demo and Alexa for her camera skills!!!