Effectiveness v. Efficiency

Possessing the ability to do something is different than having the capacity to perform something well.

At Steelworks Strength Systems we prioritize moving well over moving faster or lifting heavier. We define improved fitness as having the capacity to live a healthier, fuller, and longer life. A good strength and conditioning program supports this notion.

The Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, and jerk) are great tools to teach coordination, develop confidence, and build full body power and strength. But just like tools in a tool box, every tool has its place and purpose.

Steelworks client @csatterfield is a tall dude who loves weightlifting, but his anatomy (longggggg legs, shorter torso…he’s about 6’5”), presents some challenges. As you see in the first part of the video, when Carter sets up to lift from the floor, his hips run into his femurs. In order to get into the appropriate position, his lower back must go into some flexion. Now, he can lift from this position but over time it’s not optimal.

So if lifting from the floor safely requires a flat back/neutral lumbar spine, how do we help Carter achieve that position, but still challenge him with a full lift?

The solution we have for him is to elevate the starting position of the weight using some blocks or thick plates. By raising the start position his lower back no longer needs to flex for his body to reach the floor. The result? A much safer starting position. Lifts from above or below the knee would also be good substitutions for Carter.
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