The turkey and stuffing is gone, but new programming is here for the month of December!!!

Keep reading to see where we are going in this new block of programming.

White / Gray Programming Goals
Improve upper body vertical pulling.
Improve squatting endurance.
Improve ability to generate and absorb rotational forces.
Correct imbalances in single leg bending movements.

Strength: Maximal, Speed
Energy System Development: Glycolytic

We explode into this block of training with some plyometrics and “neural drive” pull-ups. The first part of this day’s session is all about reactive power. Continuous vertical countermovement jumps build power in the body’s fascial and neuromuscular systems. Neural drive pull-ups are included to introduce and develop the upper body’s ability to explosively pull. More tension prior to each rep increases muscular recruitment and helps break through pesky plateaus. We’ll also see a return of the high bar back squat to this cycle. The session concludes with really nasty conditioning work. 1-2 minute intervals of pure suck. Come on in today if you want to move fast and hard!

Strength: Maximal, Speed Strength
ESD: Aerobic

Rotational chops begin the session, followed by single leg bending movements. Big piece of feedback from last cycle was how much death marches wrecked people. Increasing single leg posterior chain work during the strength portion of the session will help address this. Moderately paced moderate duration conditioning work concludes the session.

Strength: Power
ESD: Aerobic

Olympic lifting greets you on Wednesday. Low rep sets of full cleans for White and clean and jerks for Gray super-setted with vertical pulling on the rings for a slight change in grip orientation. Moderately paced moderate duration conditioning work concludes the session.

Strength: Maximal
ESD: Glycolytic

Meatheads will love Thursdays…kind of. We’ll be doing some bench pressing and accessory horizontal pulling work in our strength session. Unfortunately/Fortunately (depending on your point of view), the session concludes with some short duration high intensity lactic power intervals. Get ready for another trip down Pain Street…

Strength: Speed, Speed Strength, Power
ESD: Alactic

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we can’t practice speed! Super short intense resisted accelerations will be INSIDE the gym. Varied plyometrics follow next with White doing some rotational jumping and Gray performing a change of direction complex over the hurdles and boxes. The session will conclude with some contralateral dumbbell snatching and strict upper body vertical pulling.

Strength: Power, Speed Strength
ESD: Aerobic

We’ve been working a lot on using rotation to generate power. Today’s session kicks off with medball movements designed to resist rotation. Olympic lifting follows with White and Gray going after some heavy hang squat cleans from below the knee and snatches, respectively. For our Enduros out there, we conclude the session with the week’s longest conditioning session.

Blue Program
Over the next few weeks, athletes in this track will be running through a variety of assessments. Expect all sorts of testing along the force-velocity curve (max vertical jumps to 1 rep max benching) as well as a variety of cyclical and mixed modal energy system tests.   Major goal is to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and adjust programming accordingly.