Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott is:

A.Suffering from a mild seizure.
B.Preparing for his Dancing with the Stars audition.
C.Activating his posterior and anterior oblique fascial slings.

While this drill is admittedly odd to observe, it is a smart way of accessing his fascial slings.

What are fascial slings? Powerful tools which drive athletic performance. They are an organized system of muscles, tendons, and fascia that work in a coordinated manner to absorb, store, and redirect force more efficiently.

Acting as an elastic web, the slings are pulled to tension by particular movements. They store and then transmit force much more quickly without wasting as much energy instead of simply relying on the muscle alone.

If you watch Prescott move, he is using his posterior oblique sling (runs from the back of his right shoulder across his lats, through his thoracolumbar fascia to his left glute) to cock his right arm/shoulder back and open his right hip causing a twisting pattern to occur. In the process he is loading up/pretensioning the anterior (front of his body, running from the right shoulder across the chest and abdomen to the opposite left hip) oblique sling which will eventually be used to throw the ball more powerfully.

If you play a sport that involves throwing, kicking, punching, and running, developing the oblique slings, and rotation in general, is essential.

Thanks to Steelworks client, Yash P. for catching this scene!

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