20 min AMRAP
25′ overhead walking lunges (95/65)
8 bar facing burpees
25′ overhead walking lunges
8 chest to bar pullups

Given the duration of this workout, the athlete with the best sense of pace and patience, aerobic capacity, and gymnastics skill will succeed in this workout.  As discussed during the announcement and live feed of the workout, this workout can lull the athlete into a fall sense of security and result in a pace that is too hot too early.

Today we will review an appropriate warmup and strategy for this workout.


  • Banded trap distractions for the upper traps.
  • Foam rolling the serratus anterior.
  • Lat Distractions for the latissimus dorsi.
  • Psoas Distractions for the psoas and hip other flexors.
  • Ankle Distraction for the gastrocnemius and soleous.
  • Lacrosse Ball in upper glutes and pec minor/major

The General Warmup

Adequate aerobic prep for this workout cannot be discounted.  The aerobic system will be primarily responsible for keeping the athlete alive during this workout.  Therefore, the athlete must start the workout with this system adequately warmed up and prepped.

Movement patterns that should be prepped:

  • Shoulder flexion and extension
  • Overhead stability
  • Hip and knee flexion and extension
  • Core activation

3-4 Rounds Not for Time

15 calories on the Airdyne/ 10 on Assault Bike.  No AD?  Run 200 meters.
5 kipping pullups
10 walking lunges
30′ KB waiter’s carry (24/16 kg)
5 pushups

By the time this warmup is completed, the breathing and heart rate should be elevated, a good sweat will be present, and an overall feeling of relaxation and looseness should be present.

Central Nervous System Prep

This workout will be won or lost on how easy the lunges can be made.  As a result, the CNS prep will focus on single leg work.

A.  Take 8 minutes and build to a tough racked lunge on each leg.

Specific Warmup

Once the General and CNS Prep have occurred, it’s time to get a feel for what the actual movements and a few overloaded rounds of lunges will feel like.

2 Overhead Walking Lunges (115/75)
3 Bar Facing Burpees
2 Overhead Walking Lunges
3 Chest to Bar Pullups
2 Bar Facing Burpees
2 Chest to Bar Pullups
1 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Chest to Bar Pullup


The overarching theme for this workout is “consistency over intensity”.

  • The lunges are the meat and potatoes of this workout. A steady clip with a brief pause at the top of each lunge is suggested.
  • Both burpees and pullups will elevate the breathing rate tremendously. The task of the athlete is to manage air flow and breathe consistently throughout all movements but especially with the burpees and pullups. The deeper, more consistent, and relaxed breathing early on will help you in the last five minutes of the workout. BREATHE!
  • A lunge step up as you transition to the top of the burpee is recommended to keep you closer to the bar in preparation for jumping over it.  Note Abbott’s performance during this part of the workout.  No wasted steps.
  • Unbroken pullups are suggested, but recommended only if you can expect to go unbroken throughout the entire workout.  Two sets of 4 with a brief rest in between may be advantageous to those who are not proficient in breathing and gymnastics skill.
  • Start pushing with 5 minutes to go.  This does not mean that a rapid slam on the gas pedal needs to occur.  Rather a slow up tick in effort to tighten up the pace should occur.  Again, consistency over intensity.