Open 16.2 has been released and we got you covered at Steelworks Strength Systems.  16.2 looks to be a fun one.   For most people, this workout will be a gymnastics skill assessment bookended by a CP battery test.  If you haven’t been practicing cycling heavy-ish cleans throughout the year, expect to struggle.

So how to prepare?  Read on.


  • Psoas Distraction and Glute Activation.
  • Couch Floss.
  • Lacrosse Ball in Pecs.
  • Banded Ankle Distraction.

General Aerobic Warmup

As stated this workout is primarily a CP battery test towards the end of the workout, but that doesn’t mean some solid aerobic prep should be ignored.  You do have two gymnastics movements before you get to the barbell and we need to move air into the lungs and oxygen into the blood as forcefully and efficiently to the muscles as we can; don’t want to approach that barbell struggling for air.

The general aerobic warmup should focus on the movement patterns as much as possible with as little eccentric load as possible.

3 Rounds of Moderate Effort

10 Cals Airdyne/200 m Row
10 Russian KB Swings
30 Mountain Climbers
20 Double Unders

CNS Prep
Take 8 minutes to build to a tough squat clean.

Specific Prep

3 Rounds Moderate Effort
5 Toes to Bar
15 Double Unders
2-3 TNG Squat Cleans at Opening Weight

Rest 1-2 minute after each round.