Being able to control rapid movements is not only an important part of athletic success, but also upgraded living; life throws curve balls at us from time to time and we need to be able to physically react when needed.

The forces acting on an implement (dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell, hell even a soccer ball) in motion elicit a response that can help us adapt to these varying situations.

To ensure that the body can process these rapid movements which demand stability safely, we must choose movements that train agonists (muscles doing the work) and antagonists (muscles which indirectly aid movement, but are not the prime drivers of movement) simultaneously.  Think of a spring absorbing and redirecting force and you get an idea of how muscle groups work athletically.

The single leg dumbbell snatch is an example of this type of training.  Not only does the athlete have to find a stable and fixed position for the dumbbell overhead in a dynamic fashion, but the many  muscles in the hip, leg, and ankle must contract to find stabilization in an unbalanced position.

This is a great tool for teaching proprioception (awareness of how the body moves),  developing athletic stabilization, and dynamic rehabilitation.

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