What a day yesterday at the Bridgeport Barbell Classic! I had a competition total PR of 199 kilos (91 snatch and 108 clean and jerk also competition PRs, respectively.) and even more awesome (though we all knew he would do it!) Nick, Jr qualified for Junior Nationals with a competition total of 222 kilos (97 snatch – comp PR- and 125 clean and jerk) which will be held next February in Valley Forge, PA! Also, Nick and I had an amazing support crew. Big thanks goes to coaches Pat and Nick for helping us time our warmup lifts and keeping the warmup area relaxed and fun. We also had some great support out in the crowd! Thanks to Donna, Kobie, Greg, Brooke, and Hayley for coming out and sitting through all of our lifts! To say that I am blessed with great folks here at Steelworks Strength Systems is an understatement.