Brewerytown, Philadelphia

“We just couldn’t contain ourselves any more,” said long-time Steelworks Strength Systems client, Andres Garcia.  “The workout was just that fun.”

Local music sensation and Brewerytown resident, Luke O’Brien, concurred.  “Yeah, man.  What can I say?  It kind of just washed over me.  There was nothing else I could do.  I had to jump and smile.”

For the past three years, Steelworks Strength Systems has been delivering fitness programs that are focused on helping people live healthier and happier lives, but they are also incredibly engaging and fun.  On this particular Saturday, the workout left clients totally energized.

“It was the weights that were lifting me!,” said graphic designer Stephanie McKay.   “These workouts normally got me feeling all sorts of great energy.  That barbell today, though…..whew!”

Even Coach Patrick Fountain couldn’t believe the scene.  “They started smiling.  Lots of smiles.  Everywhere.  Then they began high-fiving each other, then they started jumping.  So much jumping.”

Reports of unbridled enthusiasm emanating from Steelworks Strength Systems have seen an uptake in recent weeks with the move to their brand new location.

Sources close to the gym owner, Brian Terpak, have begun leaking information surrounding exciting new programs that Steelworks will be offering, like the Olympic Weightlifting club, as well as the amazing progress of the expanding roster of Individualized Programming clients.

When veteran Steelworks client, Danielle Gibson, heard of the new developments, she was concerned for her safety.  “We already have such great workouts and the gym is full of amazing people.  I’m not sure how much more enthusiasm I can take,” remarked Ms. Gibson.

“However, I am really looking forward to finding my limits!”

**No actual interviews were conducted for this story….but, hot damn, do people have a great time here!

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