Two people that are sure to inspire you along your own journey in and fitness!

One of two inspiring moments from yesterday. Stuff like this absolutely humbles me, yet fires me up, too.

Four months ago, Lindsey couldn’t do 1 pullup without massive amounts of assistance from bands. Some people might scoff at this video and be like “she is still on bands. What is the big deal?”

To those people I say f*ck you.

You haven’t seen how far this girl has come. Lindsey works really hard. Every day she trains, she religiously starts with 10 pullups, no matter what the workout of the day is. She still has a long way to go, but it’s good to step back and recognize the small landmarks along the path towards the realization of a larger goal. Well done, Lindsey!

I don’t know who is happier: the athlete or the coach?!

A push-up might not be as sexy as a snatch, but good movement patterns and positioning in simple movements have tremendous carry over to more complex lifts.

Rebeccah has been working a lot on perfecting her pushups. She has some core deficiencies that we identified a while back and she has had to take some frustrating steps back to correct these flawed patterns of movement. The video captures genuine joy at arriving at a goal. I love it! I love to see how attention to detail, to slowing down, to being methodical and disciplined, helps people realize their goals! Still more work to be done, but such is the journey! Well done, Rebeccah!

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