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Thanks to everyone who came out and made Barbells and Brewskis another smashing success!  Special thanks to Brian Gatti for the delicious home-brewed beer (Summer Saison)and Tarek Baghat for the stupendously delicious pizza!

400 M Run

Having a little fun during the warmup!

Snatch Warmup:  Overhead Squats, Lift off Transitions, Muscle Snatch, Tall Snatches, Sots Presses, Punch and Catch Progressions

A.  Snatch Lift off + Hang Snatch High Pull + High Hang Snatch.
x7.  Rest two minutes.
B.  Power Clean + 2 Split Jerks
x7.  Rest two minutes.
C.  3 Clean Pulls
2 sets @80%, 3 sets @ 90%, 2 sets @95%
D.  4 Rounds for Time
In groups of two.
1 Partner performs 20 Plate Extensions
1 Partner rests.
*100% ME!

5-10 minute cooldown.

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