March is almost over and that means it is time for a new four week block of programming!!!  Keep reading below to get a thematic breakdown of each day’s training.

Week 1 Monday, Week 2 Saturday, Week 3 Friday, Week 4 Thursday
Skill:  Reaction
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power
Energy System Development:  Alactic

This day’s training kicks off with some hand eye coordination/reaction work using some tennis balls.  Super simple.  Easy?  Maybe not.  A reactive element will be added to the session’s rotational medball power work, very different from what we have been doing in the last two blocks.  The second half of the strength portion will feature a higher volume snatch complex.  Finally, we crank the intensity up really high in our Energy System Development with the battle ropes.  Super short duration, max effort intensity, and lots of recovery between sets.

Week 1 Tuesday, Week 2 Monday, Week 3 Saturday, Week 4 Friday
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Speed, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Accelerating, decelerating, and then accelerating again around obstacles will be the major theme of today’s Skill work.  Learning how to create loads of force in the blink of an eye will be part of the focus of the day’s Strength work.  Depth jumps (or depth drops, depending on the training age, coordinative abilities of the client) greet athletes today.  That movement is superset with some upper body vertical pulling.  We close out the session with a very core-centric Energy System Development piece at moderate, paced intensity.

Week 1 Wednesday, Week 2 Tuesday, Week 3 Monday, Week 4 Saturday
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Maximal
Energy System Development:  Glycolytic

Being able to see is an important component for balance.  What happens to our ability to balance when we can’t see?  Find out in today’s Skill work.  Athletes will tackle some rear foot elevated split squats in the Strength portion of the workout.  The workout will conclude with some hard effort intervals with very little recovery, making for very “fun” Energy System Development.

Week 1 Thursday, Week 2 Wednesday, Week 3 Tuesday, Week 4 Monday
Skill: Reaction
Strength:  Speed Strength, Power, Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

The Hokey Pokey ain’t got nothing on today’s Skill work.  Working from a “fast feet” pattern, athletes will have to react to auditory stimuli and either reach their feet or rotate their bodies depending on the coach’s cue.  Today’s Strength work features a trilogy of movements:  rotational medball power work, olympic weightlifting, and some upper body vertical pulling.  Athletes down-shift into moderately paced Energy System Development.

Week 1 Friday, Week 2 Thursday, Week 3 Wednesday, Week 4 Tuesday
Skill:  Agility
Strength:  Maximal
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Athletes will learn how to accelerate their bodies from a lateral position, instead of forward facing in the day’s Skill work.  A wave pattern of back squats follows in the Strength portion of the day.  The Energy System Development for this session will be a moderate duration, moderate paced effort.

Week 1 Saturday, Week 2 Friday, Week 3 Thursday, Week 4 Wednesday
Skill:  Balance
Strength:  Power
Energy System Development:  Aerobic

Free standing handstand holds will be the focus of the today’s Skill work.  Athletes transition to the barbell for some olympic weightlifting (power clean and split jerks) in the Strength portion of the workout.  Concluding the day will be a LONG duration, moderately paced aerobic Energy System Development workout.

Here’s to a successful next four weeks!

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