If you struggle with overhead pressing movements because you don’t seem to have the awareness and/or mobility, I’ve got something for you.

Big thanks to Noah Sedgwick of the Yoga and Movement Sanctuary (right up the street from Steelworks – go see them if you are looking to improve your yoga and Movement practice) for this drill.

Start in a dead hang. Begin by depressing the shoulders down and flexing at the hips (decent hollow position). Then try to bring your sternum and belly button together. Your torso should be stiff and straight; neutral spine (even BETTER hollow position).

If you hit the position right, your arms will be pushed back and your head will be pushed through. Really important here to keep the shoulders active and depressed as your head extends forward.

Start with 10 seconds on / 5 off x4 and gradually build to 20 second hangs with 5 seconds rest.

There are a lot of dimensions that go into improving movement. You must have the necessary anatomical freedom in your joints and tissues and your muscles and tendons must become stronger. If after testing your shoulders through unloaded passive ranges of motion you find that you do have the capacity, you can slowly add strength and awareness to your body and vastly improve your mobility. Take your time, be disciplined, and the movement you want will get there!

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