Strength Means Independence

Being free is our natural state.

To be beholden to others, to be “owned” by someone or something is an idea so onerous that over 240 years ago in this great land everyday people took it upon themselves to challenge the oppressive rule of the leading superpower of the day.  And won.

July 4 marks our country’s Independence Day.

July 4 this year will mark the day you too became independent.

July 4 this year will mark the day you decided to become stronger.

Steelworks Strength Systems is here to help.  

With 3 different tracks of programming, there is something for folks of all different fitness levels and goals!

After training with us, you’ll notice a couple of things:

Being shackled by fatigue is no longer an issue.  You’ll be able to work a full day and not be crushed by low energy levels.  All of that lean muscle you built training with us keeps you sturdy, stable, and resilient.

Being hindered by poor self image and self esteem disappears.  After tackling our challenging and effective programming throughout the week, you will gain more confidence and readjust your own self imposed limitations on what you can and can’t do.

Being trapped by training plateaus is a thing of the past.  If you are a competitive athlete stuck in a training rut, our programming will help take you to the next level.  Our training is periodized and highly structured with an attention to developing the physical capabilities you need to excel at the sport of your choice, be it Olympic weightlifting, distance running, or “the sport of fitness”.

To encourage you to become the best version of yourself, we are offeringtwo special limited time offers for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Offer 1:  For folks new to “functional fitness”

  • Includes our 2 week long Introductory Foundations Course with Nutrition Counseling and Muscle Screening.
    • Learn how to perform all of the movements we use in our Group Fitness classes with short “teaser” workouts to test out our style of training.
    • A custom nutrition plan and one week of counseling.
      • Understand the principles behind sound nutrition and create a plan around your own unique needs.
    • A 30-minute Muscle Screening.
      • Have some lingering pain in a shoulder, hamstring, ankle, back?
      • The Muscle Screening uses principles of Neurokinetic Therapy to identify muscles that are too weak or working too hard.  Injury and pain is a result of muscle groups not working correctly.  We identify this relationship and reset your body to work more efficiently.
      • The result?  No more pain.

Option 2:  For experienced ters/Weightlifters/Athletes

  • One month of unlimited training in our Group Fitness classes.
  • Our Assessment Protocol.
    • In this week and a half long diagnostic, we assess your movement patterns and energy system capacity.
    • You’ll learn your areas of weakness and come away with solutions for how to improve them.
  • A custom nutrition plan and one week of counseling.
    • Understand the principles behind sound nutrition and create a plan around your own unique needs.

The price of each offer:  $200.  

That’s a savings of over $200!!!


There are only 5, 4, 3packages available for this offer and it expires on July 4!

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