Here’s Steelworks client, Yash P, going through his intro Olympic Weightlifting session. First day split jerking…looking solid!  Nice job, Yash!
Let’s face it: Learning new things, while exciting and refreshing, can be at the same time intimidating and demoralizing.

We see something we want to do, we understand in our brains what we want to do, but that pesky body of ours doesn’t want to come along for the ride.

Frustration and anger set in and further complicate our body’s ability to move effectively and efficiently.

Learning something as complex as a split jerk doesn’t have to be a struggle, however. If you can reframe the process of acquiring a new skill a bit differently, the journey becomes less about chasing a goal and more about a wandering exploration of your own potential.

I stumbled across an exquisitely simple method for learning new skills through Jae Gruenke founder of The Balanced Runner.

Instead of focusing on the correct way to move, start by bringing awareness of how you move while you move. You can’t move differently if you can’t even feel how you move.

Accept how you are moving right now, even if it is not anywhere close to the end result you are seeking.

If you can’t move the way you want to, visualize/imagine the movement happening in your brain. You don’t even have to move!

Instead of “perfect practice” all of the time, utilize variations of the hoped for movement. Break down the full movement into different component parts and practice those parts. By exploring simpler portions of the movement, you build a “movement solution library” over time that can be synthesized together to allow better execution of the full movement.

Finally, reimagine what your goal is. Instead of running down a set path, don’t be afraid of branching out to something different along the way. Explore many options and ways of moving.
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