I don’t know about you, but being tired SUCKS.

Being unhappy SUCKS, as well.

Feeling like your body can’t do too much?  Yeah, that SUCKS too.

Friends, ain’t it time to build something that BLOWS away low self esteem and self doubt?

The good news is that the prescription is pretty darn simple.

To achieve the body you’ve always wanted comes down to three things:  Your sleep, your food, and your workouts!

Any person that balances work, family, and life knows that it can be stressful at times.  The first aspect of life that usually suffers is sleep.  With so many things to do, how can you afford to sleep the amount of hours needed to be a boss man/lady?

The better question is how can you not?

Less sleep means less recovery.  Less recovery means less time for your body to produce muscle building and regenerating hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.  With less time for muscle building hormones to be floating about in your body, that means there is more time for muscle degrading hormones like cortisol to take up residency in your body.  The result:  you build less muscle and gain more fat.

So, step one to building that goal body:  Sleep 8-9 hours a night.  

Tips for good sleep:

  • Get some black out blinds
  • Cool off your room.
  • Keep it quiet.  (Get some ear plugs if at all possible!  Game changers for my sleep quality.)
  • Turn off all of those electronics 30 minutes before you go to bed.  The blue light your devices emit make your brain think it is daytime.

Once you get your sleep right, its time to shove good food down into your belly!

If muscle building and fat loss are your number one goal, you need to be consuming a moderate protein, high fat, and LOW carbohydrate diet (if improved athletic performance is your goal, this does not apply to YOU).

Why a high fat diet works to help burn fat is how fat affects your insulin levels.  High insulin by itself is not a bad thing.  You need insulin to pull sugar from your blood stream and into your body’s cells.  It’s the prolonged, chronically elevated levels of blood sugar and insulin that wreak havoc on your body and cause among other things, increased body fat.

Eating fat doesn’t make you fat.  Eating fat helps burn fat.

Yes.  Let me state that again:  butter is ok.  Bacon is your friend.  Avocadoes and coconuts are your new loves!

Consuming fat keeps your insulin levels low.  If your body isn’t trying to store excess glucose, then it pulls stored energy from your body’s fat.  Result?  You get to burn fat more easily.  Couple that with adequate protein intake and POOF!  We start to get shredded.  For more info on the relationship between insulin and weight gain, please check out THIS book.

Notice that we haven’t even talked about hitting the weights or sloshing through some cardio!!!

Before you step foot in the gym, these two habits must be addressed.  However, once these are in place you need a program that focuses on getting your strong!

While we believe that cardio development is important, STRENGTH development is king.  Our programs here at Steelworks focus on helping you become stronger above all else.

Why does strength matter?

A body that is stronger is a body that is more durable and resilient.  Your chance of getting injured doing any kind of task drastically decreases and as a result you can handle more work!

A body that is stronger is a body that is more efficient.  With more efficiency, your body is capable of doing the same amount of work at a reduced cost.  The result?  You get to move faster and longer!

A body that is stronger is a body that burns more fat at rest.  With increased toning and lean muscle, it costs more energy to maintain that new physique.  Your body burns more calories while at rest with more lean muscle.  The result?  You burn more fat while not even working out!

Our clients become stronger and fitter at Steelworks by choosing one of three Group Fitness programs.  Each program varies in complexity and skill, but each is based around the belief in blending functional weight training (a mixture of compound and isolation movements done at controlled tempos and intensities) and controlled cardio (doing conditioning work at moderately intense paces, with very frequent a** kickers.)

You’ll squat, press, pull, row, jump, and run.  You’ll lift heavy weights relative to your ability.  You’ll move quick.  And most importantly you will HAVE FUN and SEE RESULTS!

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