1. Improved grip endurance. Last time I checked, involves lots of barbell cycling and grip-heavy gymnastics work. (16.3 anyone?).
  2. Increased injury prevention. Carries are incredible at building strength and stamina in the spinal erectors, hip abductors, quadratus lumborum (deep core), rectus and transverse abdominus (anterior core) and upper traps. These are all major core and neck muscles, respectively. Keep these suckers strong and healthy and the chance of you breaking down lessens. Also, carries with their high amounts of flexion “moments” are safe alternatives to high rep, high flexion “movements” exercises.
  3. Increased aerobic capacity. Given the high amount of time under tension via this movement certain metabolic changes are more likely to occur. While running, rowing, Assault Bike, are the best choice for building pure aerobic capacity, weighted carries can be a great tool to help boost your cardio if the efforts are kept lighter, but longer in duration.