Client Spotlight: Ethan Predmore

Truth be told, Ethan Predmore didn’t really enjoy training at Steelworks Strength Systems when he started.

Gyms had traditionally been places of intimidation and confusion for him and to just dive in and try something was not Ethan’s style.

However after trying a free class and a enrolling in his trial membership, Ethan knew he needed something like this in his life.

After struggling with the typical “go it on your own” gym routine with machines and free weights but absolutely no idea on what to do, Steelworks was a breath of fresh air.

“I knew it was a good decision for me.  The coaching I got, the workouts I received, the community, convinced me I needed it.”

It felt like an experience that would finally solve the riddle of fitness:  what movements to do, how much to do it, and how to perform them to see lasting results.

Two years later and Ethan has transformed his relationship with the gym and fitness.

“I can confidently go out on a 8-9 mile hike or do other things that I wouldn’t have even wanted to try.  I can take the coordination skills I’ve learned outside of the gym and apply them to my life.  Two years ago, I just said I go to the gym.  Now, I say that I’ve been on a fitness journey/discovery.”

Training at Steelworks has allowed him to see objective progress.  He has seen increases in the weights he can lift over time and his lower back and knees don’t hurt anymore.

He’s also discovered a sense of openness to challenges.  The old way of being hesitant around trying new things has been replaced with a mindset of confidence and curiosity.  

“I’ve seen a lot of progress.  Now I don’t skip classes based on certain movements that might be difficult.  I’m open to diving in!”

“I hated doing snatches at first.  Now they are one of my favorite movements.  It was an uncomfortable position.  It was new.  Now, I like them.”

The class environment has also helped Ethan become more engaging with other people.

“I was really shy at the beginning but I’m more confident to speak with other members.  It’s also cool to be able to help answer questions about training with new members .”

For Ethan, Steelworks represents a place of community, challenge, and accessibility.  

“The community is made up of a diverse array people who are very welcoming, no matter your ability level.  Any workout you do here there will always be an alternative for you if you can’t do something in the workout!”

Whether you are looking for an In Person Training or Online Personal Training solution, a long term, balanced approach to building strength and fitness is what you’ll find here at Steelworks Strength Systems!

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