Harder Ain’t Better:  Why Working Out Shouldn’t Be So Difficult

You’ve signed up for a membership at your local Bootcamp/CrossFit/Orange Theory/High Intensity Training program and you are ready to get fit!

You’ve done the machines and free weights at the local gym but don’t feel like you are getting anything out of it.

This time, you tell yourself, it’s going to be different.  

You’ve got a plan.  

You’ve got coaches.

You’ve got other people to train with.

After the first week, you are sore.

I mean, really sore.

You figure, this is all a part of the process.  

Next week will be better.

Next week rolls around and again… some of the hardest workouts you’ve ever done.

You couldn’t walk down the stairs after the last two workouts.

Week 3 and 4….Same deal.

The soreness isn’t as bad, but the workouts leave you…exhausted.

“How am I going to get ahead at work or be present for my family if I feel physically and mentally fried?”

“This might work for other people, but it ain’t working for me.”

Week 5 rolls around and you are kind of dreading the training.  

It’s just too intense.

That whole plan you had developed seemed to spark some realizations.

Just because a training program exists doesn’t mean its effective.

Just because a gym has coaches doesn’t mean they know how to motivate, support, and teach.

And even though you have other people you get to train with, they might not necessarily be aligned with your vibes.

Your fear of getting injured coupled with your complete lack of excitement to do the workouts creates a revulsion that you just can’t seem to shake.

And so sadly all of those best laid plans go to waste.

Your days of going to the gym are over.

Now, before you shut the door on your fitness journey, what if I told you that there’s a way to get fit without absolutely smashing yourself?

That the path to results wasn’t lifting heavier, moving faster, and trying to destroy yourself.

That it was actually learning how to do more with less.

That it was training your body to move in many directions, including different training implements both heavy and light, and getting your nutrition dialed in with seriousness that was the key to success in a fitness program.

Would you be interested?

“A fitness program without the crazy intensity?  Hooray!”

“Workouts that push me appropriately without the fear of getting injured?  Excellent!”

Just feeling awesome and achieving amazing results?  Where do I sign up?!”

Our Strength Synthesis Online Personal Training is built around carefully controlled volume and intensity, selecting exercises that actually produce results for YOU, and nutrition and life style coaching that creates a plan that is built around nourishment and support instead of restriction and guilt.

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