Best exercises for a strong and toned core?  The answers might surprise you.

You’ve hit the gym pretty consistently.

Food intake is on point.

Stress management is dialed in.


That belly fat just won’t disappear…

You feel yourself getting somewhat stronger.

But you aren’t really satisfied with your results overall.

After six months the results you’d hoped for are….lackluster.

And this is after you’ve added more situps, leg raises, and cable crunches to your training routine.

“If I want to burn more fat in my arms, I should do more curls, right?”

“If I want more tone in my quads, I should hit the leg extensions, shouldn’t I?

“Belly fat decreases when I do more focused core work, correct?”


You are doing this whole gym thing wrong.

While hitting those isolation exercises are a good starting point for most folks, they clearly are not helping you move towards your goals.

So if this training isn’t working, what’s the solution?

In our Online Personal Training Program and In Person Small Group Classes, you’ll discover that it’s compound exercises involving multiple joints moving at the same time that pack the most bang for your buck.

You see, compound exercises recruit more muscles throughout the body and therefore require more energy to perform.

With a higher energy cost of performing the movement, more calories are required.

And it doesn’t matter where on your body those calories are stored.

When energy is required, the body will break down energy stores (glycogen in the liver and muscles, and fat in stores throughout the body.) across the body in order to maintain functioning.

So what movements would I recommend that would be better at burning belly fat yet still approachable for beginners?

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