Transform the Gym into a Place of Success.  Here’s how.

After so many failed attempts at getting a fitness routine right, here you are looking for a way to finally get in shape…again.

It ain’t like you’ve tried, however.

You’ve walked into a number of gyms, but….

There are so many exercises….which one’s chisel my arms?

So many routines to experiment….is 10 minutes of super high intensity full body training the best?  

So many schools of thought to follow…Bulgarian Style Training, Conjugate Method, 5-5-5….

You keep getting lost figuring out the best way to train.

It doesn’t help that your job involves a lot of brain power.

At the end of your work day, you are pretty fried from being creative, crunching numbers, or experimenting with things.

“Create a meaningful workout program that will help me build muscle, burn fat, boost energy, and crush stress?  After MY day?…Not.  Gonna.  Happen.”

Decision fatigue wins again.

This is getting old.

You aren’t happy with how you feel and you are discouraged by how stressed you are.

How long will life look like this?

The way you’ve done things in the past is clearly not working.

There’s got to be a better way of doing this whole “fitness thing”. 

You’ve wasted so much time researching and trying things out.

What if there already was a time-tested method of training out there?  

What would it have to look like for you to try it?

Appropriately challenging workouts to meet me where I am but move me towards my goals.”

My coach would be a collaborator instead of drill sergeant, hearing my needs and working around my goals not his or her methods.”

“I’d learn HOW to eat to fuel and nourish my body instead of being anchored to a rigid inflexible plan where I had to count calories and weigh food.”

“It would transform my relationship with the gym and training.”

If this sounds like the approach you are looking for, I can’t wait to tell you more about it.