Lincoln wasn’t an instant success. You don’t have to be either.


As we all know Abraham Lincoln ran for elected office in the Illinois State Legislature in 1832 and lost, officially ending his political career.

He returned back home where by day he was a well known lawyer, and by night, a savage vampire hunter…

If you were a student in my American History class between 2005-2012 (or an average American citizen for that matter), you clearly know (boy, I hope so at least) that Lincoln was one of the most famous American presidents.

Lincoln, however, wasn’t an instant success.

He lost 4 elections before he was victorious in the presidential election of 1860.

“Brian, thanks for the history lesson by what does this have to do with fitness?”

I’m getting there…

Imagine if someone had told Lincoln that if he had said exactly these words and do exactly those things, that he would have become president nearly 15 years sooner!

Do you think he would have taken that advice?

Now imagine someone showed you exactly how to train…. 

You would have learned how to move safely, enjoyed the process, and ultimately achieved amazing results more so than going it alone.

Even more importantly, you would have condensed the time it would have taken to arrive at your goals.

Years of trial and error filled with confusion and frustration….WISK….right out the window!

I know I would have jumped on that knowledge!

Take the squat, for example.

When done correctly the squat packs a host of benefits:  strong legs, butt, and core!  It’s an essential training movement, but there’s a lot that people get wrong with the setup and doing the movement.

If you could learn the best way to squat and maximize your results, would you be interested?

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