Client Spotlight: Ritesh Shah

I’m guessing that if you continued doing the same things over and over again in the gym and  never saw results, you’d probably be confused and frustrated with how you spent your time and energy.

Well, if you are like current Steelworks Strength Systems client, Ritesh Shah, I’m probably right.  

You see, Ritesh had done the “go-it-alone” approach at his local gym doing movements he sort of knew.  However, with progress kind of hitting a dead end, he knew there had to be a better way.

Moving to Brewerytown over two years ago, Ritesh stumbled on Steelworks on a little walk around the neighborhood.  Ever curious, he peered inside the front windows and knew he had found what he was looking for.

He reached out, signed up for his trial membership and was hooked.

“I had never tried serious weightlifting before and I wanted to see if I liked it….it was different from anything I’ve ever done.  Really incorporates different parts of the body.  I didn’t know the fine tuned granular details of how to move the right way,” Ritesh remarked.

Flash forward two years and Ritesh has been flourishing.

“I have never been able to do a handstand pushup.  Finally able to do a scaled one the other day!  I’m also squatting deeper and heavier.  I always find small moments where I surprise myself.  I started with a 15 pound training bar during olympic weightlifting exercises. [Note:  Ritesh is up to squat cleaning 130 pounds…for two reps!]. I’m also not as exhausted from workouts like I was when I started.  Stamina is up!”

Long term fitness and health is a big motivator for Ritesh and he finds the programming geared towards helping him stay fit and strong for years to come.

“I want fitness that allows me to do things.  It’s exciting to seek out new challenges.  The program allows me to seek new challenges.   As you age, I want to be able to age gracefully.  I also want to be able to run around with my kids when I have them! I want to feel stronger, healthier, more agile.  I get to look better, but I’m more concerned with feeling as young as I can as I age.”

From the training programs to the Steelworks community of coaches and athletes, Ritesh has a place that helps him stay committed to his goals.  

“Steelworks provides a place to make that commitment to yourself.  It’s convenient and provides a lot of different methods (small group training, open gym, specialty seminars, personal training) there’s lots of options to chase your goals.  Everyone here is supportive of you and your journey.  I get to know people outside of the gym too.  We all celebrate PRs together.”