Be Useful

I should lift weights, because it will make ME stronger.

I should run, because it will make ME fitter.

I should eat better foods, because it will make ME healthier.

All of these statements are true.

But why then is it so hard for some us to take action for OURSELVES?

It’s easier to give up. The stakes aren’t as high. The status quo of our lives is comfortable. The only person you let down is you.

But what if we reframe the above actions from the perspective of the individual to that of the family or community?

I’d argue that when we see ourselves as a part of something bigger than just ourselves, when people rely on us for our capacity, gifts, and talents, we find the motivation to take action and see our efforts through.

We can handle the strain, the pain, the difficulty because our suffering is transforming into something positive for a greater cause.

Are you showing up for yourself every day so that you can be useful to others? If we take those above actions look how much powerful they become.

“I should lift weights, so I can increase my strength to help my family with physically demanding tasks around the house.

I should run, so I can have the endurance to handle long stretches of time at the office.

I should eat better foods, so I can set an example for my kids or not be a burden on my loved ones as I age.”

I love this clip from Shia Lebouf.

“Be useful.”

A powerfully simple message that is a perfect reminder on Martin Luther King Jr’s national holiday.

Dr. King espoused the idea of service for the greater good.

Will you be able to serve others to the best of your ability?


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