How to Fix Big Toe Pain

When walking or running, do you have pain in your big toe?  

Here’s a real simple and effective fix for it!

Most often, the pain associated with big toe discomfort rears its head in the first metatarsophalangeal joint.  

The joint becomes overly compressed, compromising the ability of the metatarsal and phalangeal heads to easily glide over each other during the gait cycle.

That’s why a wall stretch of the big toe might actually be causing more harm then good; you are compressing the joint even further AND then forcing it into a range of motion that it already does not like..

The solution?   We need to distract the joint before we can try to restore pain free ranges of motion.

How to do this:  Grab the foot around the ball of the foot.  Secure the big toe in one hand.  Firmly pull the toe away from the foot and then gently push the toe into as much extension as it can handle.

Try this 2x a day performing the mobilization 25 times each time.