Client Spotlight: Lindsay Hummell

Steelworks Strength Systems is for a specific type of person.  You know, the talented athletes looking to get big and muscly, who know how to do lots of technical movements, and enjoy lots of high intensity workouts.

At least that’s what Steelworks client, Lindsay Hummell, thought at first.

“[Steelworks] looked a bit scary and intimidating. I had never used a barbell before…Everyone looked strong and I didn’t know if this was a place for someone like me….a runner type, woman in the 20s doing yoga and pilates, afraid of getting bulky.”

Two factors made her rethink her initial impressions.  Her now husband, Evan, had been a client for years and had raved about it.  Closing in on 30, her values had changed, too.  Lindsay wanted to get stronger in order to age better.  “I want to be a grandma who can do stuff with her grandkids.  I want to feel capable to doing things that make me feel happy, like traveling and hiking!”

And with that she decided to take the plunge with the Steelworks trial membership.

It was an experience that left her intrigued and invigorated.

“I felt sore the next day more in a way that I never felt.”

That was back in March of 2023.

Flash forward to today and Lindsay has found lots of success.

“I used to have chronic pain in my neck before Steelworks.  Pain is gone now….I didn’t know how much I could squat!  It’s so cool to know I can squat more than my bodyweight!”

Given that Steelworks encourages their clients to shift to a long term “process oriented” mindset, instead of a short term “goal oriented” mindset, Lindsay’s focused more on enjoying each day’s training instead of fixating on the end result.  “I’ve stopped weighing and measuring myself.”

What accounts for all of this success?

“The program has been more sustainable.  I haven’t gotten tired of programs because they change from time to time.  The exercises we do are different from anything I would have done by myself,” and that’s made training consistently much easier, Hummel said.

“It’s also very accommodating.  There’s scalability and workarounds for people of all ability levels in case you can’t do something in the day’s program.”

“The coaches are great!  After a long days’ work, I can relax and trust the experts to do their job.  I feel confident that I won’t get hurt!”

Lindsay also finds the community at Steelworks to be very warm, inviting, and supportive.  It’s nice to see members from the gym out and about in Brewerytown as she walks her dog.

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