Client Spotlight: Shray Patel

“10-months in, I can wholeheartedly say that joining Steelworks & Coach Sage has been a complete GAMECHANGER for my vitality!!

I joined in January 2023 with zero weightlifting & strength experience, but still physically fit really only ever playing sports & distance running / cardio. When I finally decided I need to start weightlifting, I did a ton of research & listened to so many podcasts (Andrew Huberman, Rich Roll, Tim Ferris) as I really wanted to start off the right way, especially as I was doing so from scratch. This also helped ease me in too as I also came in super nervous and scared about lifting.

From my very first discussions with Sage, her mentality and the programming at Steelworks aligned exactly with the some of the best approaches & methodologies I found through my research.

As a beginner, she really mentored me (and still constantly does) on proper form, balancing between max effort & slower movement, breathing, the science behind different workouts, how to deal with injuries that come up, etc.

Where I used to approach the gym very scared & unconfident, Sage & the other members helped me to break through that!

Very grateful for entire Steelworks Team for giving me an an amazing foundation for my overall fitness & vitality with a great community of people to keep getting physically & mentally stronger each day.”